Pre-assessment and review checks

Find out if you have ‘all bases covered’.

You may already be accredited with Lexcel or ISO 9000:2008, and want to know whether you are still meeting their requirements.  On the other hand, you may have worked hard to establish the requisite systems, and want to know whether you have done enough to gain one of these Standards.

A very good way of answering both of those questions is to ask an experienced assessor to ‘look you over’ and tell you where you stand.

Our vastly experienced team of assessors has a reputation for being detailed, thorough and supportive, and you can see evidence of this by looking at our client feedback page to see some of the comments that have been made about them.

In addition to checking your position against one of these Standards, you would also gain some idea of where you are against many of the key areas required by OFR and the SRA Code of Conduct 2011.  In summary, we will help you to identify whether or not ‘all bases are covered’.