File review service

Identifying and dealing with potential problems and risks.

File reviews are seen within the Legal Sector as a mixed blessing.  For some they provide a real barometer of the levels of client care, and compliance with the SRA Code of Conduct in particular.  For others they can be seen as a time consuming ‘tick box’ process.

Although not explicitly stated within OFR, it is clear that the SRA sees file reviews as a major component of risk and compliance plans.

We can conduct these reviews for you and provide you with a report outlining the strengths and potential problem trends that emerge.  We cannot check the quality of legal advice that has been provided; your routine supervision methods should deal with that, but we can check compliance with Client Care and Regulatory procedures; the areas that tend to result in complaints and claims.

This service provides you with a clear picture of many compliance issues, and the chance to reduce fee earning ‘abstraction’ time.